My Piece of the Pie

In this male dramatic monologue, J.T. visits one of his enemies who has been losing the war on territory takeover with his criminal cartel.

J.T.: I  realize things have been hard on you lately, buddy.  I know.  When I said I was back and that I was coming for my piece of the pie, I didn’t know you’d be so weak.  Truly, I had no idea you’d back up so fast.  You tried though, right?  I mean, at least a little bit, a little bit.

(puffs his cigarette)

I look at this like Sun Tzu.  I don’t take any of this like it’s some sort of game, you see?  This isn’t about winning or losing.  I love it when you guys talk about winning and losing.  Ha ha ha ha.  What?  Winning and who?  Ha ha.  This is about something else for me…


Maybe it’s just different ideals.  (stares at him)  I know you’re hurt.  And I’ve only come by to tell you that I’m going to hurt you more because that’s just the way it is for you and for the other clowns in the circus.

You haven’t bled enough.  No, no, not until you’re slipping and sliding in your own blood, like a sopping wet mop and even then I’m going to bring more damage, more pain and when you’re begging on your knees and pleading for me to stop twisting your arm because it’s about to break, that’s when I’m going to kick you in your balls repeatedly, like the sick animal I am because as I’ve said to you before, I’m the first and I’ll be the last.

(puffs his cigarette)

That’s it.

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