Nanna’s For Brunch

In Nanna’s For Brunch, Rose gets caught up with the painful remembrance of what she used to do with her daughter, when she was alive.

ROSE:  Emily…sweet Emily Rose…where are you , dear?  (beat)  Emily?  (beat) Emm—where is that child?

(she opens closet door)

I hope you’re not playing hide and seek when you know we have to go to Nanna’s for brunch.

(sits on the bed)

(she grabs Emily’s favorite teddy bear)

(she clutches it to her chest.  smells it.  holds it tightly.)

Emily…dear, I wish you would jump out and scare your Momma just like you used to do me…I could still smell y–.

(she composes herself)

Going to Nanna’s for brunch today.

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