Nelly’s Dream

In this dramatic female monologue Nelly’s Dream, Nelly talks to her young son about her dreams and how she plans on getting them out of their poverty.

NELLY: Carl, look at me, look at me Carl, you see this face, you see these eyes? I’m gonna be rich, I’m gonna be real rich. No more eaten out of cans, baby. Mummy is only gonna provide us with gourmet meals, you know where people eat those? In fancy places called restaurants, oh yeah; you sit at the table, you and I, like King and Queen and people serve us. You pick from, what is it? …a menu, and you pick whatever you want, you hear me? You hear me? Whatever your little heart desires.  Mummy knows what she’d get already, I have it all planned out.  And it ain’t just restaurants we’ll be going to. (laughing) You’ve no idea little boy, what’s in store for you, do you? You’ve no idea! Those little cars you are playing with, ha! They won’t be little cars anymore, you’re gonna sit in a real car, one that moves and we are going places, we are going to the moon and back, you and I baby!

Daniella Alma

Daniella Alma is a British actress, born and raised in London, UK, now living in New York City. Also as a journalist and film producer of Monologue Blogger, she conducts interviews with emerging filmmakers from around the globe and develops creative projects for the future of MB Films. Her leading film work as an actress has premiered in notable film festivals, including Renaissance Film Festival and BFI London Film Festival.

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