Never Be The Same

In this monologue, PAL gives his cousin a final ultimatum, after catching him red handed, robbing from him.

PAL: The only reason why you’re still walking around without pain is because you’re my cousin.  That’s the only reason.  You robbed from me; took what wasn’t yours; stole from your blood and you are disgusting to me now.  The only thing you can do is live with whatever guilt you can’t seem to justify in yourself.

You killed me here; after everything I’ve done for you; helping you out with so much, when you had so little.  You bit the hand that fed you.  You must think I am a real moron.  Huh??  A real, real moron…

There’s nothing else I can say.  Our relationship will never be the same.  The best thing for you to do now is stay far away from me.  That is your warning.  If you disobey my warning, then I will not have any choice but to do what you know I am capable of doing.  That’s it now.  Go.  You are out of my life, forever.

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