Never Been Kissed

In Never Been Kissed, Kerry talks about having never kissed a guy and all her concerns of when it will eventually happen.

KERRY: I want to…I do…I, I want to know what it’s like.  I’m so afraid I’ll be bad at it though.  I watch how it’s done from the movies and t.v. and stuff but I don’t know if I can kiss like that.  How do they breathe?  You have to hold your breath, right?  Unless you get air through your nose but my nose is always stuffy.  Bad allergies.  What if I can’t kiss for long?  What if I faint?  Has anyone ever fainted from kissing?  (beat) What will people think??

Well, you see, there’s this guy, Johnny.  He likes me.  I know he likes me cause he told me he likes me and I like him too.  He wants to take me to the movies and I have a feeling he wants to kiss me and I am so nervous about it.  What if people watch us instead of the movie?  What if they see how bad of a kisser I am?!

No, forget it!  Forget it, I am not going to kiss Johnny at the movies, it will have to be somewhere else.  Oh!  Maybe when he walks me to my door, maybe then I’ll let him kiss me and that would be so nice….(she goes off dreamily but then snaps back)

Okay!  So that is my game plan.  No kissing unless he walks me to my door. That’s that.  But how do I practice?  Is there a way to practice?  What should I do?  Do I move with his lips?  What if he uses his tongue?  Ill, I might freak out! Awww, this is so stressful.  No tongue, just lips and only for a few seconds and I’ll run in my house and pray that I wasn’t a bad kisser.

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