Never Lose Hope

In the dramatic monologue NEVER LOSE HOPE, Hart gives a talk to a group of people who meet once a week in search of emotional support and strength.

HART:  Life can get pretty difficult at times.  There are a ton of different scenarios that exist in the world.  We may all get exposed to some issue that brings us down emotionally, financially.

It can be bullying, losing someone, career rejection…so many possibilities.  It can sometimes feel like we are being crushed to death, so much so, that we begin to imagine that dying is the best solution.

We must never lose hope.

There are things that take place among us humans that are horrifying and makes you wonder how we are even capable of such terrible acts.

You cannot allow the goodness that exists in you to fold.  You cannot allow the goodness that exists in this world to go unnoticed and be forgotten.

You see, if you see something wrong or are experiencing something terrible in your life, you have to give all your power and strength to making it better.  Find the solution.  It exists because you exist.

You are stronger than you may imagine.  Much, much stronger and wiser than you even realize.

Refrain from taking a darker path because I promise you there will always come a brighter day.  Always.  May not be today, may not be tomorrow, but it will come.  When you stay in there long enough, the helplessness you feel will turn to hope, courage, love, positivity and eventually happiness.

There are too many people falling victim to their depressed emotions and it doesn’t have to be this way.  We must lift each other up.

Let’s stop hating one another.  Let’s stop hating different religions, races, genders, politics…haven’t we all had enough of this anger in our streets?

I believe it’s time for change.  Change that will bring us back to the soulful human beings we all are.  Change that will remind us to respect one another.  Change that will make one another’s lives better.

We are all one great big community called human, aren’t we?

We do not always have to agree with each other, but we must never lose our integrity, class and simple kindness.

It’s in our power.

If you know someone in need, do something to help them, encourage them, try to make them smile…give them warmth, connection…have a conversation.  Sometimes that’s all any of us need, right?

When you overcome your current state of hardship, be sure to pass this message on to someone else because together we are invincible.

Thank you for hearing me out.  Let’s make a positive difference to this world while we’re in it.  Yeah?  (beat)  Okay.

Sounds good.

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