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The monologues shared in this post cover some of the following topics:

  • Attraction, Identity, Fitting In, Mental Illness, Emotional Sensitivity, Compassion, Trust, Money, Comfort Zone, Dedication, Trickery, Fraud and much more.

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New Monologues Added Daily for Actors


  1. Sparkle – Randa wants to be looked at from her boyfriend like when they first started dating.
  2. Top It Off – Kelly confronts her sister about the ongoing drama she always causes within their family.
  3. Missing Pieces – Lana is hard pressed to know her boyfriend’s whereabouts at all times.
  4. For My Father – Adrianne talks about how her father is an important motivator for her own ambitions in life.
  5. Far Too Deeply – Sharon talks to her friend about how she needs to learn to take more risks.
  6. Behind My Back – Sandra talks to her father about how he backstabbed her rather than being honest.
  7. See The Good – a monologues about trying to focus more on the positive side of life.
  8. Fantasy Games – Rose sometimes imagines herself being someone else, if only she knew who else she could be.
  9. The Way I Know Me – Shadira wishes to take action and improve herself as a person.
  10. String of Pearls – Sarah encourages her sister to trust her intuition more.


  1. Old Michael – Michael has come a long way as a person who has changed but a recent situation stirs his former darker self.
  2. False Reality – Vinci is on a mission to discover the meaning of life.
  3. While I Was Sleeping – James is becoming much more aware of who he is and his true calling.
  4. Three Thousand Dollars and A New Life – Eric has an abusive stepfather and in this monologue he tries to convince his mother to escape with him.
  5. Roll Out The Red Carpet – Jeff confronts his father after he and his family were abandoned.
  6. Out of My Hands – BB is coming around to the decision that he is going to have to make someone disappear.
  7. Bull’s Arena – A fistfight has taken place between two men and the one standing speaks the following words.
  8. Brody At Dusk – a man brought in for questioning for a crime he did not commit.
  9. Split – Malcolm talks to his friend about how he feels like he is losing his battle with keeping sane.
  10. Test Me – Sean verbally goes after a man at a bar who doesn’t talk nicely about women.


  1. Eating Like A Slob – Emily recounts the story of how her husband almost choked and died while eating his food to fast.
  2. Ready To Go On – a spoiled actress too deep in her own way of working lashes out as her director.
  3. Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Jan battles how she feels about her wright in front of a mirror.
  4. Not In Front of the Buddha – Emily rages at her boyfriend for treating her differently in front of his friends.
  5. The Whole Package – Anda goes on a tangent about the various men she has relationships with.
  6. Nervous Nostrils – Delaine pokes fun at a man about the strangely active nose nostrils a guy has.
  7. Side Face – first date, bad breath nuff said.
  8. Dust Balls – Dianna goes back to a guy’s apartment only to find out what a slob he is.
  9. Cider, Baby – Sophie has an unhealthy relationship with drinking too much apple cider.
  10. Big Brett – Amy hates overprotective men and her good friend’s boyfriend Brett is know exception.


  1. Turning 30 – the unhappy reality that we all age.
  2. Bromance – sometimes friends get a little too close.
  3. Dead or Alive – Ray Ray bumps into an old friend he assumed was long dead.
  4. How To Be Like Me – Alessandro is miserable and sits in his car before going upstairs to work.
  5. Welcome To The Club – Charlie helps his son get over a bump in the road along his path to manhood.
  6. Musk Mitts – Tim goes on about how he handles his ‘scratch and sniff’ issues.
  7. 3 Secret Ingredients – The Player gives advice to his friend about how to score with women.
  8. Getting Ready – Leo complains to his buddy about how long his girlfriend takes to get ready whenever they try to leave the house.
  9. Magical Winter Wonderland – Another crazy family holiday in the Baker house.
  10. Sack Race Champion – Coach Will is intense no matter where he treads.


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