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Monologue Blogger’s New Play Series 5 examines the one-act play, Come With Me, Back Home.  This new play is about the relationship between mother and son.

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Daz gets a call from Ricky, the manager/owner of the neighborhood local bar because the teenagers mother is drunk and causing a ruckus.

The play examines love under dire circumstances and compassion from one stranger to another.

Character Description

Daz:  Daz has been left to his own devices ever since his father died a couple of years ago.  His dad was his idol and something of a local hero in town.  Everyone seemed to like Daz’s father andwhen he dies, it left something of a dark shadow among the local people, especially Daz and his mother, who cope with his loss.

Daz is a teenager, who has been taking on the responsibility of looking out for his mother.  Daz didn’t really get the opportunity to explore his childhood like most other boys because he had to grow up quick when faced with adult situations at home.

Daz holds down a part time job and goes to school.  He oversees the bills at home and helps to buy groceries.  He does all he can to keep what is left of his family together.

Mom:  Daz’s mom simply fell apart when her husband died.  She turned to booze as her place for recovery.  What was once a loving and soft woman has now turned to a bitter and angry one.

Mom’s anger is secretly compounded due to the fact that she isn’t living up to the person she knows she is because she doesn’t know how to get over the loss of the only man she’s ever loved.  She blames herself for his loss and wants to be strong enough for her son, if she only knew how.

Ricky: Ricky owns and runs the last local bar in a tough neighborhood near the sea.  He has a heart of gold but also doesn’t take gruff from anyone.

Manolo:  Manolo is a traveling musician who comes into town just visiting.  It is also the town he’s from.

Backstory & Relationship

The world is on young Daz’s shoulders as he tries to manage his own personal life and the well being of his mother’s.  Since the death of his father, Daz has been responsible for handling things at home and has been sacrificing his youth by taking on such responsibility.  He doesn’t blame his mother for her fall from grace and he remains optimistic that she will one day bounce back to her former self.  Daz refuses to give up.  He loves his mother deeply, she is all he has left in his universe that matters.

Mom loves her son as well but her inner demons have gotten the best of her.  She is confused as to whether or not she will be capable of pulling through her sorrow.  She despises herself for what she has become but she is proud of how her son has stepped up to the plate.

Ricky has known Mom his whole life, going as far back as grammar school.  He was also good friends with her husband who passed away.  This opens Ricky’s heart to a whole new level of compassion and concern.  Mom barely pays for her drinks cause she can’t afford them but Ricky allows her to drown out her pain..he questions if it’s the right thing to do.

Manolo is a bit of a mystery.  Although he is know in the neighborhood where he’s from, nobody really truly known the man.  The issue he has with Daz during the play is significant to Manolo personally because he relates to what the young man is going through from his own life.


The action of the play takes place inside a local neighborhood bar.

New Play Series 5 Come With Me Back Home

Dialogue Exchange Snippet

Daz sits in the booth across from his mother.


MOM (cont’d): What are you doing?

DAZ: I’m sitting here.

MOM: Look the other way or sit in a different booth.

DAZ: I’ll wait for you.

MOM: You waiting for me is ruining my buzz and my buzz is all I have left.

DAZ: ..I’m not leaving.

MOM: Get out of here, I said!

DAZ: I can’t.

MOM: Can’t. Another man who can’t. My life is a series of can’ts and won’ts. I’ll go once my song comes on…I need to hear it, just once, only once, I need to hear some Latin sounding guitar. Wake my veins up! Been dead for so long. I need to hear it.

Mom slowly passes out again. Her head resting against the wall.

Daz places his hand gently on top of his mother’s hand.

He stands up and goes to the jukebox. He combs through the music and frowns.

DAZ: Hey, Ricky!

RICKY: Yeah.

DAZ: There’s no Latin guitar type music you guys have?

RICKY: We never covered that in our original selection.

DAZ: Oh, my mother wanted—

RICKY: Latin sounding music. (pointing) That’s Manolo over there, he’s home visiting. Your mother was asking him to play a tune but he told her no.

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