New Play Series 6

New Play Series 6 explore the new play The Next Chapter, a dramatic short play featuring 2 characters, Emily and Dar.  New Plays for development in theatre.

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Emily has returned after living out in California for one full year.  She meets up with her best friend Dar and through their conversation, Emily reveals the truth of what she experienced.

Character Description

Emily: Emily has always been someone to take risks and chances without ever really thinking the consequences of her actions all the way through.  The events that unfolded while she lived in California have changed her forever.  She has become more cautious, internal and timid…the complete opposite of her former self.

Dar:  Dar is what anyone would call a great friend.  Caring, charming and full of life.  He always tends to brighten up a dark place.  He is humble to a fault because he lacks enough confidence to stand up for his own convictions.  He is a people pleaser even if it means hurting himself.  He is aware of such faults and is consciously working to evolve.

Backstory & Relationship

Emily and Dar grew up together, going as far back as middle school.  They bonded by the time they reached High School and have been the best of friends ever since.  People always wondered why the two didn’t start dating and although there may be an attraction for one another, it seems that they value each other so much that if they were to ever start dating, it would be when the time is right.

After school Emily left for California to pursue her dreams of being a singer/songwriter.  She fell in love and got deeply involved with a guy named Justin.  This cut her off entirely from her friends and family back home.  Emily became involved in the drug scene and wild partying, doing things that she partly regrets and partly doesn’t even remember.  

There is a side to Emily that always longed for this sort of wild edged living.  She needed to see for herself how far she can go with living dangerously and also because she always felt to pure at heart.  In order for her to create music, she wished to dive deep into mayhem.  She got what she wanted and more, to the point of regretting her decision to even venture out to California in the first place.

There was physical damage that took place inside herself form all the drug usage and even what one would call a personality change.  When she caught Justin cheating on her, it severely altered her way of thinking…her heart was broke and she’s still licking her wounds and trying to get over the pain of it.  This is why she has returned home, feeling damaged and like a failure for not achieving anything musically and only gaining hurtful life experience.

She does plan on taking everything she knows and feels and investing it all into her own album.

Dar is still trying to find himself.  One of the things he greatly admires and even looks up to in Emily is the fact that she always knows what she wants.  He wishes he could be more intense like she is about the things he desires in life but in a way, the fact that he’s more passive makes their relationship as great friends so powerful.

While Emily was gone, Dar was in and out of odd jobs like being a waiter, working at an office job, going freelance and most recently he is considering starting his own business online.

Dar has missed Emily a great deal.  At some point she had her phone turned off with no way for Dar to ever reach out to her…she ignored him on social media completely.  This left a stain on Dar because he doesn’t understand why she would ever cut him out of her life…but he knows there has to be something more to it for her to do such a thing and because he loves her so, he is willing to forgive, forget and help her with whatever deeper issues she’s facing.

One could imagine the two becoming an official item at some point in the not so far off future.


The movement in this play takes place near a lake in a park.

New Play Series 6 The Next Chapter

Dialogue Exchange Snippet

DAR: …Em, what happened to you out there?

EMILY: Believe me, I wanted to call you, hear your voice, I needed a lifeline but I refused myself an outlet cause, I don’t know, I wanted to get through my own crap. I wanted to learn how to be my own person without dependence.

DAR: But I’d be there for you in a heart beat.

EMILY: That’s just it, I know that and that’s the whole point. This was about my own thing.

DAR: …You aren’t yourself. I mean, you’re you but you aren’t you, does that make any sense?

EMILY: Makes total sense.

DAR: (not pushing) Yeah.

EMILY: This has been the most difficult time of my life and the strangest thing about it all is that it’s exactly what I wanted…be careful what you wish for, right?

DAR: Yeah, but you’re back now and you’re going to get on track with things in the city you love. I’m around you again and you’re around family, so—

EMILY: Don’t remind me.

DAR: (laughs) They haven’t changed.

EMILY: I wish.

DAR: I haven’t even heard of any of your latest music. Didn’t you say you were cutting an album out there or something?

EMILY: I was but it didn’t work out.

DAR: Why?

EMILY: …I fell in love.

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The Next ChapterIn this one-act ePlay, Emily opens up to her best friend Dar about her life changing experience in California.

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