No Days Off In The Grind Factory

In No Days Off In The Grind Factory, DAZZLE is a professional bodybuilder who talks to himself at a mirror between sets while working out in the gym.

DAZZLE: Days off?  Are you kidding me?  What days off?  There are NO DAYS OFF in the grind factory baby.

While everyone else is sleeping or taking a holiday or spending a day at the park for some sunshine and wine, I’m chiseling, I’m grinding, I’m hustling, I’m sweating, I’m dreaming, I’m becoming…

While everyone else is talking trash, trying to take me down, trying to compete with me, I say bring it and bring it hard.  Look me in my eyes and tell me you want it more.  Go on, tell me.

I’m all in!  My life is all in!  I have sacrificed my life for this shit!  I will die for this shit!

I’ve chosen to stand with the greats.  You hear me?  Do you hear me?  When I go down, I’m going to go down as one of the greatest of all time.

Like me, hate me, doesn’t matter…I am HERE.


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Joseph Arnone


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