No Request Needed Monologues

No Request Needed Monologues are MB’s Collection of monologues you don’t need permission to use for auditions, competitions, acting class or video projects.

Monologue Blogger maintains thousands of monologues for you to choose from but the group of pieces we share here are staff picked pieces.

We call this post No Request Needed Monologues because we often get asked if permission is needed to use MB monologues.  The quick answer is NO, so long as you use the material for non-profit purposes, you are good to go.

No Request Needed Monologues

Free Drama Monologues for Men/Women


  1. Smile Pretty, Alice – Anita has been spying on her neighbor’s secret love affair.
  2. All Of A Sudden – Vicky tries to get her boyfriend to understand that he needs to start paying more attention to her by listening.
  3. The Signing – Eliza isn’t certain as to whether or not she should sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying the man she loves.
  4. Protective Shield – Rita doesn’t know how to be more sincere and open when conversing with people she cares about.
  5. Contents Flammable – Nora has been suffering from major guilt for a tragedy she blames herself for happening with her daughter.
  6. Beautiful Day – Linda wants to feel beautiful and openly admits to a stranger that she doesn’t know how to feel that way.
  7. White Tail Spider – A female serial killer is in the midst of torturing or latest unfortunate victim.
  8. Dark Side of My Moon – Kimale has split person disorder and in this monologue she discusses her conflict.
  9. Can I Be A Mother? – Rebecca is strongly considering the possibility of becoming a mother for the first time.
  10. Going Vegan – Tiffany has gone vegan and in this monologue she shares her justification as to why.


  1. Henry and the Wizard – Henry tells his wife that he is an average man and that she should stop believing in him so much.
  2. Wrong Side of the Tracks – Bernardo visits on old enemy in order to get even.
  3. Time To Go To Sleep – a psycho has kidnapped his prey.
  4. Where’s My Lasagna? – Vito talks to a newbie thug about ‘taking care of somebody’.
  5. One Of The Good Guys – Carlston goes after a journalist who wrote lies about him in a cover story.
  6. Straight to the Nitty Gritty – Ned is an old school Irish gangster and in this monologue he shows his chops.
  7. Challenged – Gregory talks to his girlfriend about how he achieves what he sets out to do in his life.
  8. Final Film Reel – When J dies, he longs to see a flash of his life before his eyes before completely disappearing from his physical existence.
  9. Good Manners – Fagen talks to his digital recorder about the ongoings with his girlfriend.
  10. Bendable – Mr. Wilson talks from his heart to his students to aspire to be more with their imaginations and to not accept limitations as a normal way of living life.

Free Comedy Monologues for Men/Women


  1. Just For Laughs – Jane is at her weekly meet-up with ‘the girls’ talking about her strategies in playing tricks on her children.
  2. Phone Calls – Meagan just wants to meet a normal guy who doesn’t play head games all the time.
  3. Underwhelm – a woman who is numb to jokes and sadness and completely feels nothing emotionally.
  4. Just One Thing – Jane confesses to her friend that her boyfriend farts too much.
  5. Gangster Grandma – Gangster Grandma is about a crime boss who gives orders to her Grandson.
  6. The Girls – Dana doesn’t want to hear about how great her friend’s new boyfriend is.
  7. Ready, Aim, AIM – Rose demands that her boyfriends learns to pee in the toilet bowl like a normal human being.
  8. Dog Anxiety – Raquel was tortured all night long babysitting a puppy for her neighbor.
  9. Little Critters – Sarah is doing her “data entry” work when a bug lands in her eye by accident.
  10. Rather Be A Man – Kim talks about her frustration with men who have cheesy pick up lines.


  1. There He Is – Pete doesn’t want to be friends with a co-worker who doesn’t seem to get the hint.
  2. Nutter – Pop talks to his wife about the crazy guy their daughter has been dating.
  3. Side Effects – Doctor Osvald Knickerbocker has flown overseas to warn Americans of a new approaching epidemic.
  4. Upon My Return – Sir Walter Walter speaks to his Lord about taking a break to go and grab a bite at his beloved Burger King.
  5. YO – Kirby likes to play boss and doesn’t like being referred to as YO.
  6. Average A**hole – An owner of a manufacturing business fires a worker by going on a rant.
  7. Medium – This guy thinks he is King Kong when in reality he is way smaller than he imagines himself to be.
  8. Public High – first time stoner and out of the house in public…what can go wrong?
  9. Sack and Crack – Bruce gave himself a little wax experiment but it didn’t turn out quite as planned or expected.
  10. Picasso Reincarnated – a man is under the impression that he is the next great painter until a little girl snaps him back to reality.

Free Serio-Comedy Monologues for Men/Women


  1. Like It Was Yesterday – Eva shares her fond memories of raising her son.
  2. A World of Unlimited Dreams – Gabrielle has way too much time on her hands and she finds herself trying to figure out what to do with herself.
  3. Where Do People Get Their Manners? – Jasmine is fed up with working at a sneaker store with constantly rude customers.
  4. Treat Me Nice – Corinne and her mother don’t get along but they do love each other despite their differences.
  5. Traffic and A Flat Tire – Lervina is stressed out over the fact that her DJ is late for the party she was hired to organize.
  6. My Own Little Lazy World – Hazel isn’t happy but she produces a smile to not show her true feelings.
  7. Mother of the Year Award – Patricia explores her ups and downs of being a mom and raising her children.
  8. When I Call Your Name Answer Me – Carlotta confronts her son over his ongoing treatment of ignoring her.
  9. Passing Time – Nadia wants to move on with a different man.
  10. A Fool with a Sensitive Heart – Irva hasn’t seen her best friend since college and now that they have met up she doesn’t like the changes he’s made in his personality.


  1. Thank You So Much For Understanding – a neighbor complains about the noise coming from the upstairs apartment.
  2. Which Shirt Are You Buying? – a boyfriend has been waiting forever for his girlfriend to pick and buy a shirt from a store.
  3. Jimmy Jitters – Noah does his best to convince his friend that he needs to calm down before he dies.
  4. Would You Love Me If – a boyfriend questions his girlfriend based on different obstacles to see if she would stay at his side.
  5. Apologize School – Roy’s girlfriend has a ton of pride and doesn’t really know how to say sorry when she’s done something wrong.
  6. Mumbles and Shrugs – Long time no see.  A friend comes out of the woods only to be the same negative person as always.
  7. Mr. Mishap Gives His Pitch – a lousy criminal tries to get a customer while at a birthday party.
  8. Mute Button – Chris needs to figure out how to turn off his co-workers constant talking so he can try and get some actual work done.
  9. A Higher Level of Talk – Bart is down on himself over the fact that he doesn’t have much game when it comes to women.
  10. The Kid That Stares At Food – Pete does all that he can, including bribing to get his son to eat his dinner.

Monologue for Teenagers

Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. Where Do People Get Their Manners? – Jasmine is debating if working at her current job is worth the aggravation.
  2. Shadows of My Mind – Naomi doesn’t want to suffer from depression anymore and she turns to her Aunt for comfort and help.
  3. Some People Realize Things Later On – Veronica has figured out that her dream his to be a teacher.  The only trouble is her parents think she is a joke.
  4. False Make Out – Cassandra kissed a friend of hers at a house part and needs to tell him it wasn’t anything serious.
  5. Something Else Takes Over – Taliyah always seems to be arguing with her mother and she talks to her favorite Aunt to save her from the stress.
  6. Light, Somewhere – Helena’s dream isn’t to be an actor but she does it to make her father pleased despite herself.
  7. Causing A Scene – Charlie’s cousin is always causing trouble and he doesn’t want to be around him any longer.
  8. In Your Way – For the first time in his life, Teddy stands up to his older brother for being verbally abusive to him all the time.
  9. Ask Her Out – Daniel wants to ask his best friends sister out on a date but doesn’t want to make any waves.
  10. Rosy, Peachy, Apple Eating Life – Samantha both admires and pokes fun of the loving relationship her college roommate has with her parents.
  11. See Me – Alina isn’t so sure if acting is her life’s ambition anymore.
  12. Under Your Spell – Hendrick has been bombing when it comes to girls and he is beginning to wonder and blame someone for putting a spell on him.
  13. Before I Give Out – Perla is in school and working and it’s beginning to crash down on her.
  14. Attention – Michelle wants her sister to stop being so dramatic and always making a stir within the family.
  15. Same Thing – Tara and her close friend have been in an unspoken competition with one another for years.
  16. Stop Playing The Victim – Sally does her best to get her friend to stop being such a downer all the time.
  17. Agree To Disagree – being more honest in your friendship may be the way to go in order to keep friends.
  18. Potato Head – Ronda wishes for her cousin to step out and have a life, instead of staying at home being introverted.
  19. Typical Teen – Shadira needs more mother support and in this monologues she attempts at making that connection with her mother.
  20. Growing A Full Mustache – Tim doesn’t feel like he is manly enough, therefore he tries to grow his own mustache to fill in the blanks.


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