No Such Thing As The Perfect Monologue

There is a huge misconception leading actors down the wrong path when it comes to the phrase, ‘Find The Perfect Monologue’.

When an actor finds the so-called perfect monologue, does that mean he/she will now be able to give the perfect performance?

You have to search and suss out monologue material that rings true to your own being.  There shouldn’t be any hunt for perfection but rather, a hunt for connection inside yourself in relation to the material.

There are moments when something strikes you in life that brings about an experience that truly feels special. It may be ‘just right.’  A bit of poetry, art, a film or play you’ve just watched…something about a particular work may have an impact on you that leaves you speechless.

This is what you are searching for when looking for a monologue.  You want to find a piece that you connect with in some way.

Searching for a monologue is a healthy part of an actor’s process because through reading different monologues, sooner or later you will stumble upon something that moves you. It can be something funny or something sad, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that there is a genuine exchange between you and the monologue you’ve encountered.  That’s where it counts and that is how you know you’ve found one to work on.

Finding your monologue helps you learn about making creative choices, much the same way you will regarding other material along your journey when being cast.

How Do You Find A Monologue That Connects With You?

It may sound obvious but you need to simply find what appeals to you.

In this sense the word ‘appeal’ can be explained as monologue material that strikes your heart and intellect in some way.

  • You may come across a monologue that really intrigues your being.
  • It could be a character you identify with or one that you don’t.
  • There are monologues that connect with you emotionally.
  • A monologue you feel challenged by, whether it be character, time period, accent, circumstances and other areas of acting that grab your attention.

All of these reasons are valid.

Whatever will stimulate your being to take on a monologue is what matters most.

What To Try To Stay Away From:

Don’t try to cheapen yourself by finding a short monologue because you only have a few lines and it’s easy to memorize.  It’s understandable but you’re not really giving yourself an opportunity to grow in your craft.  If a short monologue does connect with you based on what we are talking about now, by all means, go for it.

Try to challenge yourself.  Find a monologue that you may even think you can’t do.  If a monologues ‘size’ scares you, good.  Face your fear and see where it takes you.

There is no better way to grow in your work as an actor then by taking on characters and material that you’re not truly sure you can pull off.


Throw that perfect monologue myth out because it’s total nonsense.

Focus your energies on finding a monologue that you connect to because that will start you off on the right foot and lead you to building truth in your work.

Don’t shy away from challenging yourself.  It’s the best way to make discoveries with your craft.

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