Nobody Bothers Me

In Nobody Bothers Me, PATRICK responds to his Uncle asking him if he is still getting picked on by anyone in school.  The fact of the matter is that this young boy is getting bullied in school but decides to make up a phony story to hide the truth from his Uncle.

PATRICK: No, everything is fine Uncle John.  Nobody bothers me at school anymore, cause, when there was this guy, this guy who is a grade older than me, he pushed me in the hallway and I kicked him really hard and really fast right in his you know what and he went down like this…(imitates the kid in his story by falling down to the floor on his back)  AHHHH….just like that!  (getting back up)  And he didn’t do anything but he only walked away.  He doesn’t do anything anymore.  No one does cause they know I’d fight ’em.

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