None of Us

None of Us is a serio-comedic scripted scene for 2 men.  BIMSEY and JAMAH talk mysteries of life and the odd behavior of strangers.

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None of Us

Bimsey: What’s worth, what?

Jamah: …Don’t know.

Bimsey: …Yeah. (pause.) Isn’t all of this remarkably insane?

Jamah: Completely.

Bimsey: I’m speechless.

Jamah: Lost my tongue.

Bimsey: I mean, absolutely, utterly, impossibly insane?

Jamah: I couldn’t have said it any other way.  If you told me we are on a spinning planet floating in space, should I believe you?

Bimsey: If I walked off the ledge of this building, I would fall straight down to my death and it would be just another story. A statistic. A flash. What is that?

Jamah: Don’t know.

Bimsey: None of us.

Jamah: Yeah.

Bimsey: It’s frightening.

Jamah: Death?

Bimsey: Not at all.  Although I crossed a road today with a man I could have sworn appeared to be the Grim Reaper because I was about to get hit by a car.  I stepped back to the curb.

Jamah: Entertaining.

Bimsey: Always seems to be. All of these possibilities. Not knowing what’s right. Not knowing what to think and why. Pure lunacy. You ever watch how people walk? The other day I was walking and I noticed this woman carrying bags. The bags were much too heavy for her but she persisted to move forward to wherever her destination was and she had the strangest way of walking because of it. Like a penguin. Sort of. And then I started observing the guy walking directly in front of me and he had a weird walk also, only he wasn’t carrying anything, just simply walking but his walk looked stupid to me and no less weird than the lady, only not as pronounced. So, I went on to the next person and the next and the next, looking in on how all of these various people walked and it dawned on me that we are all so young…based on our movements…we are all so young. And then I got depressed to recognize the fact that our development as a species, in its present state, which I am living in…is lacking the sophistication we need because we haven’t grown up enough yet.

Jamah: Perhaps.

Bimsey: So damn young…

Jamah: Imagination.

Bimsey: Hmmm.

Jamah: It’s the only way.

Bimsey: That can’t solve everything.

Jamah: It already has.

Bimsey: Maybe it’s reimagining.

Jamah: No. Just imagination.

Bimsey: Imagine what?

Jamah: Whatever you want to imagine?

Bimsey: I want to imagine the answers.

Jamah: Then you will.  Everything is true but it comes down to what is true for you.

Bimsey: Don’t get so red pill, blue pill on me, please.

Jamah: Why not?

Bimsey: It frustrates me to no end.

Jamah: It does…but, that’s probably the point.


Joseph Arnone


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