Normal Me, Psychotic You

In this drama monologue, PETRA talks to her Aunt about how she wishes she was truly there for her, rather than ‘acting’ like she truly cares.

PETRA: There’s something wrong with you woman.  I try to talk to you about serious things going on in my life and you instead use it against me to try and hurt my spirit.  My spirit is all I have!  You always claim that you want to be there for me, that you want me to open up to you and whenever I buy into your bullshit, you spin my vulnerability round and blow it up in my face!  That’s the last time, the last time I will ever talk to you about my problems.  I’ve always been there for you, whenever you’ve been down, I’ve been there to support you and comfort you, make you feel positive again.  I thought we could have that kind of relationship, that kind of friendship together.  You know what you give me instead?  Put downs and negativity and regret.  Who needs that kind of help?  I’m out!  I’m never going to turn to you for help as long as I live!

Joseph Arnone


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