Not A Care In The World

Not A Care In The World is a short dramatic scene for two male characters who are brothers.  Takes place in Lonnie’s basement bedroom.

Not A Care In The World

Dwayne: Not a care in the world right, Lonnie?  Walking around here like time doesn’t exist.  When are you ever going to act like something matters to you man?  (beat) I don’t care if I’m judging you, you’re my brother, I can say what I want.

Lonnie: You always say what you want.

Dwayne: You don’t invest your time into anything worthwhile.  Everything’s a YouTube party with you bro.  Back up and take into account what it really is you are doing with your life.  All these skits and video uploads are pointless.  What is it adding up to?

Lonnie: Dude, I enjoy it. It’s fun.

Dwayne: Fun with no direction isn’t cool.

Lonnie: Why do I always need to have direction? Can’t I just do something because I’m having a good time doing it? Why does it always have to be so, I don’t know man, so calculated.

Dwayne: If you found something you like to do, maybe take it more seriously is what I’m saying. Don’t just do sh’t to do sh’t.

Lonnie: Right now I’m having a good time and exploring and just having fun with my friends. I’m not really—

Dwayne: But that’s the thing man, again, have fun but don’t waste five years doing the same sh’t without any goals in mind. Like, have a goal, something you wish to reach or get to. Don’t be so random.

Lonnie: Right now I’m chilling. If I start getting too serious about my vids then it will get boring. I like being off the cuff man.

Dwayne: Who says you still can’t be off the cuff?

Lonnie: You’re not hearing me bro. You do this sh’t to me all the time too man. Whenever—you always get in my grill when I’m into something. I don’t want your advice.

Dwayne: Dude, I want to see you be something in your life. You skipped out on college and now your doing these stupid videos everyday.

Lonnie: They aren’t stupid videos!

Dwayne: What are they then? Videos of you jumping off the garage into the pool and setting your friend Vinny’s ass on fire or what the hell was that video you did with the monkey? Are you insane?

Lonnie: Memories and good times. I can always go back and watch them and I like sharing my life with people.

Dwayne: Why?

Lonnie: Just forget it man, leave me alone alright?  You won’t get it.

Dwayne: Get your head out of your ass for once and start looking into what’s next for yourself.

Lonnie: Yeah, yeah—

Dwayne: Or you’re gonna end up like Dad, a complete disaster, trying a million different things throughout your life and never sticking to something and seeing it through. We’ve talked about this. I thought you understood.

Lonnie: I do man but stop being so hard. Give me my space.

Dwayne: You have your space but as your brother I’m telling you something because I care. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t say jack.

Lonnie: I know.

Dwayne: Do your thing bro but give what I’m telling you at least a little thought.

Lonnie: Yeah dude I’m good.

Dwayne: Don’t brush me off Lonnie. I’m trying to tell you important—

Lonnie: Why can’t you trust in me? Let me live my life and trust in who I am. I’m young! I’m not trying to be Mr. Successful all the time like you. I want to live a good life without—

Dwayne: Without stress? That’s the thing with you, you don’t take responsibility for nothing. Things get handed to you and you don’t work for them. Your luck will run out and when you don’t know how to hustle and make sh’t happen, you will have nowhere to go. You need to know how to make it happen bro. You hear me?

Lonnie: You will see.

Dwayne: What? What will I see?

Lonnie: I do work at things, you just don’t understand it and that’s not my problem.

Dwayne: When you stop living in your mother’s basement and can pay your own phone bill, maybe then I can take what you’re saying more seriously.

Lonnie: Leave.

Dwayne: You know I’m right.

Lonnie: Get away from me a**hole!

Dwayne: It’s good that you get angry. Shows you have a pulse. Use it to be something instead of slouching. Stop being such so lazy.

Lonnie: Okay loser.

Dwayne: Call me whatever you want. The truth is the truth.

Dwayne walks off.


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