Not As Deep As You Think

Lyle talks to one of his buddies about how he knows he crossed a mutual friend but wishes he had the opportunity to talk it out and explain himself.

Lyle:  Must have apologized fifty times…that’s no exaggeration.  (beat)  Years.  Voice messages, texts, emails.  I know I did wrong.  I know he doesn’t wish to talk to me ever again but, don’t I have a right to be forgiven?  Why is he God tripping on me?  Like he’s so perfect.  Believe me, that dude is not perfect, far from perfect.  I know him all my life and I’ve watched him do things I can’t even talk about.

All of a sudden something’s been done to him and he’s all wounded over it…like he’s so righteous.

…Yeah…if he could just let me talk to him.  Let me tell him how I feel about what I did, the reasons behind it, if he could hear my story—not excuses, I’m not talking about excuses or anything like that; I only want him to know the truth from me rather than what he’s probably thinking cause, it’s not as deep as he thinks.

Joseph Arnone


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