Not Feeling You

In Not Feeling You, CASSANDRA had too much to drink at a house party the night before and talks with Brian, a guy she apparently kissed.

CASSANDRA:  I was…well, I, we were just drinking and having fun.  I mean, I guess I liked you enough for us to kiss and stuff but I don’t even remember it.  Not to say that you’re a bad kisser, I just don’t remember us kissing.  I drank so much…too much…I don’t even remember how I got home.  I know I walked with Marie but that’s only because she told me.

I don’t think I’m ever gonna drink that much again to be honest; that sort of thing has never happened to me and not being able to remember the things that people are telling me I did is so embarrassing.  (beat) I appreciate you asking me out but I have to say no…I’m not looking for a boyfriend right now…it was just a hook up that I can’t recall.  Sorry to sound so harsh but if I wasn’t so drunk, I don’t think I would have kissed you, Brian.  Sorry.  I like you as a friend only.  Okay?

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