Not Jeremy

In this drama monologue, SAUL talks to a friend about witnessing a horrible fight that resulted in someone’s tragic death.

SAUL: That was a hit.  That was a really hard hit.  I didn’t think he would hit him so hard, that hard…to actually kill him.  All those years of getting picked on, beat up and chased.  I never stopped it.  I never said a word to stop it.


And now look what’s happened.  All those years of pent up rage, finally came out and exploded.  I saw it all go down.  I never saw such a punch in all my life.  They said the way in which the impact happened, caused a bone fragment to enter his brain…the rest…the rest was all over after that.

I really don’t think he wanted to actually kill him.  I’m sure he wanted to hurt him and maybe he had murderous feelings but I don’t believe he actually wanted to kill him.  I can’t believe that.  I won’t believe that.  Not Jeremy.

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