Not Quite

This is a very short original script between two men in the drama genre.  Can be used for scene practice, actor demo reel, workshops or audition.

Not Quite

CHARLES DEWITT sits in the lobby chair next to the fireplace. SCOTT HARNEDY enters through the revolving doors. Scott takes notice of Charles and sits beside him.

CHARLES: Thank you for coming.

SCOTT: Sure.

Charles looks at Scott.

CHARLES: I’ve debated in my mind for quite some time about your affair with my wife. I’ve known about the two of you since the initial inception. At first, I imagined this was going to be something mildly fulfilling…a one off if you will, but as it apparently turns out, there seems to be a passion between the both of you. Would you agree?

SCOTT: Well, I…your assessment is correct, Charles.

CHARLES: This puts me in an uncomfortable predicament.


CHARLES: Don’t say one word! Do you love my wife?

SCOTT: I do.

CHARLES: Does she love you?

SCOTT: I believe she does, Charles.

CHARLES: Are you both prepared to be together, if the path is cleared?

SCOTT: I think we can manage.

CHARLES: Here’s what I propose…you tell your wife today and begin making arrangements for your new life with Linda. Once everything is out in the open, there are no secrets, no lies and we can all push forward appropriately as we can but this all must happen immediately.

Charles looks at his watch.

She will be here, momentarily.


CHARLES: Your wife, Carol. Any moment she will come walking through those doors. She will be frantic and worried but you will explain to her that everything is alright and that she should sit down. That is when you tell her of your affair with my…with Linda.

SCOTT: I wasn’t ready for this—


Charles stands. Hands Scott a business card.

Call me in the morning once it’s settled. I’ve already spoken to Linda at length. It’s all on you now. If you do not go through with it and confess to your wife, I’m afraid I will be forced to destroy you…completely. You will be erased. There’s your wife…do this.

Charles walks away, greeting Carol warmly before exiting the hotel lobby.


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