Number 2

In Number 2, Matthew is a top level real estate mogul in New York City.  He’s rated number 1 in the industry and encounters his rival in a building lobby. 

Matthew:  You will always be number two, you know why?  Because you don’t want it as bad as you think you do.  You talk a good game.  Boy, do you talk a good game.  If life were based on talking, you’d get every trophy out there that exists.  Hell, you’d redefine the word success, wouldn’t ya?

Talk, talk, talk, talk, yack, yack, yakety-yack!

Number two! I’m staring at a number two!

What’d you say a few months back about how your claws, something about how you have claws that will scratch me or some bullshit like that?  I don’t exactly remember.  Just some more of that yakety-yak talk.  Some Superhero dreaming talk.

You don’t have it in you.  It’s not there.  It’s not in you.  I don’t see it.  There’s no flame, no fire behind your eyes, in your gut, IN YOUR HEART, there ain’t no hunger.  You’re too bloated from eating for so long, you forgot what hunger is really like…you know why?  Cause you don’t know what it’s like to ever be hungry.  You know why?  Cause you were cared for.  You were given so much, for years and years and years and now you’re up at bat and it’s your turn to swing but the problem of it is that you don’t know how to hold the bat…you don’t know how to keep your eye on the ball…you don’t know how to swing.

Number one!  You can’t be number one because I AM NUMBER ONE!!!


I pause for effect.  Was that dramatic enough for you?  You like that?  It’s called timing, son.  Business timing and oh is it beautiful to have TWO EYES open at all times, intuition and instinct.

You can wish to be number one alllll day long sweetie pie but you will always be number two.  As long as I’m alive, you will never hit what pitches I’m throwing.

So take that…hold it, kiss it, cradle it and then stick it in your ass when you’re done with it…

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