Old Enough To Work

Old Enough To Work is a teen monologue, MARTIN complains to his Mother about how they never have any food in their refrigerator.

MARTIN:  There’s never anything to eat in this house, Mom.  How come we never have snacks or anything good?  There’s nothing.  Nothing in the cabinets, the fridge, nothing ever.  I go to my friends houses and there’s always a ton of food.  It’s like being in the store.  How come we never have anything like that in our house?  Huh?

(he stares at his Mother, who is apparently deeply upset)

Mom, look…I’m old enough to work.  I could get a job somewhere now, I think. Right?  Something.  Just to help out.  (beat) I didn’t mean to…I think I can get a job at the market cause I overheard some people talking that some of the new stores being built are going to need workers and I could find out if they want to hire me.  One of them is going to be a sandwich shop.  I can make sandwiches.  It’s not that hard to make sandwiches…


Mom…Mom…I’m sorry.  I just get hungry.  I don’t want you…it’s cool.  You know? I’m fine.  Don’t worry.  Okay?


It’s fine, Mom.  We’re fine.  Really.  I’ll go over to the market tomorrow and find out the deal.  Alright?  Trust me, everything is fine.

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