Only The Good Will Remain

In this dark drama monologue, Only The Good Will Remain, Madison goes off on a tangent about the unhappiness she has lived through with her family.

Madison:  You are a real mop.  A waste of human existence.  If I could put my hands on you, I would.  What is your purpose?  You are so dirty…

Smoking your cigarettes like they are the only thing keeping you alive.  Puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff.  Like a fiend.

Your soul is black!  You witch!

That’s all you are good at actually, creating drama.  You should go into the entertainment industry and put on a show because you would win awards for all the amazing drama you create.

You could even win a Pulitzer for most wicked woman on Earth!  No doubt!

The mold you have spread over what was good in this family will never be repaired.  Maybe that has been your true calling…to divide us all.  To bring apart this loving family.

Perhaps…perhaps…yes, so much wrong, so many years, so much—one day, one day this will all change for the better…you will be gone and forgotten and only the good will remain.

Joseph Arnone


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