Only You Know Why

In the monologue, Only You Know Why, Brant talks to his close friend about why he hasn’t completed his graphic novel after five long years of dedication.

BRANT:  Hey, what’s up man?  How’s is going?  Did you ever publish that graphic novel of yours?  (beat)  Why not?  (beat)  Oh, you ran out of money…oh, the illustrator is taking a long time between pages…right…right.

Can I ask you something?  Seriously…haven’t you been working on this book for like five years?  (beat)  Five years now, right?  And in those five years, you’ve done half the book?  So, what do you have, like thirty-five pages completed or something?


Why has it taken you five years to get half the book done man?  No, no, listen…you should have FIVE books done by now, ten books even.

You say you make seventy g’s a year right, so what’s stopping you from completion?


You know what I hear coming from you?  Excuses!  I hear a ton of bullshit.  You can’t change illustrators…you ran out of money..blah, blah, blah…all day long.

Maybe if you got your head out of your ass for a change, put your money where you heart is and get shit done, you wouldn’t have to work at the gas station anymore.  Unless you like pumping gas and that’s cool but we both know you hate it and we both know you’re not making the kind of money you say you’re making, either.  And I don’t care what you make, I’m just bringing out a point cause I’m so fed up with listening to your bullshit, it makes me want to puke.

What you need to do is stop making excuses and get it done.  Don’t you want to follow your dreams?  Aren’t you hungry enough for it?

I’ll give you thirty days.  I bet in thirty days you can have it all done but you know something, you won’t do it…you know why?

Well, only you know why…

Joseph Arnone


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