Open Your Big Mouth

In Open Your Big Mouth, Julie argues with her sister for spreading the news of her upcoming birthday bash when it was supposed to be select invitation only.

JULIE:  Why did you open your big mouth?  You should have had enough common sense on your own not to say anything.  I almost died when Chelsea asked me about my party.  I never intended for her to know because I don’t want her to be there.

You know how drunk she gets and what kind of mayhem she’s going to cause.  I only wanted immediate family and important friends to be there.  I didn’t want you to open your big mouth, like always, and tell the world.

Now everybody knows and I’m stuck having to answer a million different questions and it’s already getting out of control!

This was supposed to be a private event.  I only wanted select people to attend my birthday party this year and you ruined everything.

Why do you always put me in these stressful situations?  Don’t you want me to be happy for once?

Joseph Arnone


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