Out In The Open

In Out In The Open, Desi works for her father’s car wash shop and each week a flirtatious man enters the shop to get his car washed.

DESI:  You come in here every week to get your car washed, you flirt with me, crack jokes and tell me how pretty I am all the time.  You know I’m only fifteen, right?  Plus, I see a ring on your finger, which means you’re married.

Now, here’s what I was thinking…I’m young and dumb and maybe you and I can go out one night without anyone knowing.  I sure as hell won’t say a word to my folks cause I’d get punished.  But we can go out and take a nice long ride in your car and you can put your hand on my leg, run your hand up my thigh cause I’ll be wearing the most adorable short skirt to impress you.  When you think the time is right, you can pull over to some discreet location and get on top of me.  Just as you’re about to have your way with me, that’s when I will pull out this knife.  (she pulls out knife) and stab you like the pig that you are directly in your heart!

(she stares at him)

Today’s car wash comes to $14.50.  Will you be paying cash or card?


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