Over The Hill

In the war monologue Over The Hill, Jackson tells his men that they have one chance left to make it out alive from the enemy.

JACKSON:  If we make it over the hill, we can make it to the forest.  It will buy us time! We have to try because they’ve almost got us boxed in.  We can still make it to that rock and work our way over the hill but we don’t have much time.

Listen, listen to me, I know you’re scared shit right now but if we stay here we will all be dead.  Do you want to live?  DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?!  Then we need to blast our way out of this and make it to that rock! It’s our only shot.  Then we push on to the forest and will be much safer there and can reposition ourselves.  We stay out here, trust me, we will be slaughtered like pigs.

Are you with me?  Courage!  Get crazy!  Everybody, get ready cause we’re going home. We’re going home boys.

Let’s go, now!!

Joseph Arnone


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