Pain Of Divorce

“Pain of Divorce” is a drama of what a parent experiences in regards to missing their children and the things they will do to keep an eye on them.

BOBBY: You know what I did today?  I missed work.  It’s not the first time.  I do it every once in a while because I miss my kids.  I park my car around the block from what used to be my house.  I stand behind this big oak tree and watch my kids get on the school bus.


They make me so proud of them.  I never wanted this for my kids.  I guess I wasn’t strong enough or successful enough to keep my family together.

I look at my ex wife and I just love her.  I’ll never stop loving her.  I heard she’s dating now and it kills me.  I’ve actually had to pick up the bottle a few times to numb the pain.

What does the pain feel like?  I’ll tell you.  Give me a sec while I try to put it into words.  It’s not physical and it’s not mental – it’s beyond that – it’s my soul.  It feels like my soul is tearing apart.

I look at what I had and what I could have kept, if I was a smarter man.  It kills me.  Sometimes I want to just put a gun to my head.  But then I think of my kids.  I think about them.  And I decide that no matter how terrible my life is, I rather live in hell than cause pain in my children.


Besides, I’m not strong enough to kill myself.  Ask me if my life has been good.  The answer is no.  There’s so much more to say…just not enough time to say it…

Joseph Arnone


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