Painting Me In A Corner

In the monologue, Painting Me In A Corner, Melvin talks to his wife about how he needs her to be more understanding of his time and obligations at work.

Melvin:  I’m torn in fifty thousand directions…everyone wants a piece of me and I’m starting to vanish.  You don’t seem to give a damn about what I have going on, you’re too focused on the next ride, the next holiday to take and you never factor in the time factor of what I’m doing.

It’s hard for me to get away because I’m building my company.  We just got back from a trip and you are already throwing things at me and prepping me for the next vacation…

I feel like I can’t get my footing, you don’t give me the time to get back in the saddle so I can focus on what I need to do.

And then you get upset and you call me names or you sulk and make me feel guilty, when all I’m trying to do is build for us.

It’s not that I don’t want to do all these things with you because I do, more than anything but it needs to be scheduled, things need to be discussed with me first, rather than just throwing a bunch of dates at me and expecting me to abide by it…

Communication is key.

When I react negatively it’s because I feel crowded.  Between you, my family, my obligations…it’s all tugging at me, HARD and I want everything to go in a uniform direction…I need you to understand me a little better, this way we can be more of a team in our relationship, rather than two opposing energies.

I hate the frustration you give me cause you refuse to understand.  There really is no reason for it.

Slow your roll, talk to me and we can make decisions together.  All this unnecessary pressure is exactly that, unnecessary.

Joseph Arnone