Parade In Me Chest

MK has BB up against the wall with a knife pressing up against his groin. Welcome to the 19th century, lower east side of New York.  2 men.  Period Drama.

Parade In Me Chest

MK: I didn’t want ta have ta do it to ya like this. I didn’t want ta. You made it really hard for me. Now, I’m gonna have to take it to ya with everyting I got and there ain’t a thing you can do that is gonna stop me blind in me tracks.

BB: I didn’t want to do it…

MK: Yeahhhhh, but ya did. You did in fact and I warned ya. Didn’t I warn ya, not to do those tings?

BB: I didn’t know you wuz so serious.

MK: Of course I wuz serious.

BB: No, no.

MK: Well, I don’t even know where to begin with ya. I want to do so many tings that it’s like a parade going on in me chest. I want to shout and scream it all out at ya but I know that if I do tings slowly and carefully, it will make the point clear to ya.

BB: Can we call a truce of some sort?

MK: Truce? There ain’t no truce. There’s only blood, guts and death.

BB: But surely, there can be two of us…

MK: Two of us. There was two of us but now there’s only gonna be one of us.

BB: But wait, what if you’re the bigger one?

MK: Bigger one?

BB: Yeah. What if I just dumb down in me size and give you clear rein?

MK: Mmmm, it’s a hard bargain you plea. It may have even been worth hearing a few months ago but I’ve already decided to go straight to ya. We can’t go back now.

BB: But can you do it quick then?

MK: Nahh. Can’t. The only way is the slow way because these things take time. And now that I see what you’ve done, well, I’m gonna burn ya to ashes, you’re whole tribe, you’re all going down.  Every single little one of you that dance around with your agenda like you’re on some mission and I’m gonna be the disease that comes over your shoulders in the middle of the night and chokes ya and suffocates ya and steals ya breath.

BB: This was me whole life.

MK: No. It’s me whole life. You don’t have the insanity that goes with it because I’m nuts. You see? There’s the difference. You claim it but I’m living proof of it. So, ya can’t really play in that field cause it’s my field. I own it. And because I caught you walking along my field, I’m gonna carve you up so good that even you gonna enjoy it.

BB: You’re not well.

MK: I’m so well, I’m too well.  I have passion. Passion takes you places where others are afraid to go.

BB: How can you love taking people out?

MK: Ha Ha HA.

BB: I’m amazed.

MK: Should of played fair. I wanted to play fair. I played fair for years but now, I changed me mind.  I’ll be coming for your heart soon enough now.

MK kisses BB on the cheek aggressively.  MK walks on.


Joseph Arnone


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