Passing Time

In this monologue,  Nadia tells the man she’s been seeing that their time together has come to an end.  

NADIA: Look, I know I used you okay?  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry!  You knew what this was about.  You knew I didn’t want anything serious.


You want the truth?  FINE.  I’ll give you the truth.  YES, I did meet someone.  Okay?  I met someone that I want to be with or that I think I want to be with and you were being used.  Okay?  There I said it.

We had our fun, we did what we did, we had some good times but it was just passing time for me.  You know I didn’t want to be with you, that I didn’t want anything serious with you.   And someone came along and I’ve been swept off my feet and I’m sorry but I have to end this.  We can’t see eachother anymore.  I’m going to move on and give this guy I met a shot.


I didn’t mean to cause you any pain.  I know that sounds cliche but it’s the truth.  I thought I was clear about where I stood from the beginning.  But it is what it is and we are done.

See you around…

Joseph Arnone


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