People’s Comments

A dramatic monologue that explores the subject of criticism and coming to terms when facing feedback and comments from people.

MALE/FEMALE: I say the things I say to you because I want you to be good at what you do. Sometimes, I wonder if I want you to be more successful than you yourself want to be.  If I don’t give you my honest opinion about things, than I’m lying to you and lying to myself because I take what we do seriously.  You need to get better at being so overly sensitive when someone gives you feedback.  You can’t avoid being sensitive but you could avoid being so negatively reactive to people’s comments.  Whenever someone says anything to you that you don’t like you get so fired up because you think people are out to hurt you and no one is out to make an ass out of you.

You have to take criticism in your life whether you like it or not or else find another line of work cause you’re not cut out for this shit than.  Some criticism you may want to take, other kinds you may disregard but one thing is for sure, you need to take it in stride because it’s just another way for you to have the opportunity to improve, get better and be more professional if it all means that much to you to begin with.

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