Pep Talk

In this monologue RACHEL gives a pep talk to a group of people who have been selected to train in her company program.

RACHEL:  I see the smiles behind your eyes, gentleman.  (beat)  There’s nothing to smile about…I started in this business of sales back when I was eight years old.  I used to make bracelets.  I would sell them on my block, then at flea markets and then I grabbed my first booth in a mall, then two malls and then three malls.  Eventually, I bought my first store front.  I was ten years old.  Today, I have a chain of stores around the world selling my jewelry and jewelry starter kits for the next girl with stars in her eyes who wishes to be in business, like me.

You have to be born with it.  Granted you can learn the trade but do you have to struggle for it or does it come second nature.  There will be times when some days are easier than others but only you know if you have “the touch”.  We will know as well…

Over the next few months we will be analyzing your strengths and weaknesses in this program to see if you’re best fit to work for this company.

We only choose lions, so you better roar, growl and chew the hell out of the leads we hand you.

Joseph Arnone


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