In Performance, SARAH is a business manager for a social media agency and is told that a new social media analyst isn’t performing well.

Sarah: Giver her a chance.  Nobody is perfect and sometimes people need a minute to get things down…don’t be so quick to get rid of somebody if there work isn’t as good as you first expect it.

Sometimes, when you see that somebody wants it bad and is willing to work hard for it, it’s worth your time to provide them with encouragement, support and knowledge for improvement.

Some people get things right at the start but they remain at that level their entire lives.  Others are slow beginners but surpass anything you could have imagined.

Give her a chance.  Give her a few weeks and see if she grows if you are really there, trying to help her improve.  Then come back to me with a report.  I like her and I want to see her do well.

I don’t like giving up on someone I know has potential.  People have given up on me but I’m not going to do that to others.  Be there for her for now and let’s see what happens.


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