Piss Power

In the serio-comic monologue Piss Power, a middle-aged Indian man sweeps the floor to an outdoor New York City parking lot.

DEEPAK: Every week they come, they drive by in their little mobiles, zipping by me throwing balloons at me…full of piss.  Dis’ true.

First time, I’m out here, sweeping the water out of the driveway, they come and throw balloons at me.  I taste a weird taste in my mouth, it was the color yellow, it was PISS!

So now I fight back, dis’ true.  I build machine to fight back, a hose that is connected to a power pump.  When this hose gets turned on, it will shoot out a piss flood right at their faces!

Next time I see them, I will use my machine.  I will turn on the hose and fire back with piss power.

I waiting – I waiting for them!

Joseph Arnone


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