Plastic & Tape

In this monologue POP is pissed off at his two sons for breaking the basement window and in this monologue he has a word with them both.

POP: Alec?!  Where’s your brother?  Go get him!

(Pop waits – both his sons return)

Who broke the basement window?

(Alec: It was me, Dad)

It was you?  Yeah?  Listen, there’s two feet of snow piling up in the basement…it’s all over the carpet and wall and I’m pissed off.  Both of you go clean it now and there better not be any damage.  Wait!  I’m not done yet.  When you are both done cleaning everything up, I want you to patch up the window with plastic and masking tape for a temporary fix. That’s why this house is freezing because you two knuckleheads left the window like it I’m not supposed to see it?  What if a burglar came through here?  What’s wrong with you boys?  Am I not raising you to be smarter than that?  Go clean it before I lose my temper.

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