Playing Online Chess Games

In this monologue, TODDLEY is not happy with his sister because she keeps distracting him while he studies and practices his online chess game.

Toddley: You keep distracting me, Elenie.  You see me playing chess and you have to keep stomping around.  It’s bad enough you always seem to roam around while I’m practicing let alone stomp your feet like a Neanderthol.  You’re so annoying.

You know I have to practice, so why do you keep distracting me?

I just lost a five minute blitz match because of you.  I had this guy.  My queen backed by my bishop.  I could have went in for the kill, game over in forty seconds flat but no, no, I missed the move, I missed the move because stomp, stomp, stomp across the living room and he ended up playing bishop against bishop and it was all down hill from there.

When you see my practicing and you know I have a tournament coming up next week, let…me…win.

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