Please Don’t Send Me

In Please Don’t Send Me, Henry is a young teenager who is a bit of a troublemaker.  His parents have finally decided to threaten him.

HENRY: Mom, Dad…please, please don’t send me.  I won’t misbehave.  I promise.  Please.  I won’t be bad anymore.  I promise.  It’s the last time, the last time you will ever have to yell at me.  I will be good.  Okay? Please.  I don’t want to go to military school.  Please, please don’t send me there.  I promise to do my chores, clean my room, I’ll make sure I don’t cause trouble anymore.  I won’t mouth off or talk back or anything like that ever again.  Okay?  Okay??  Just give me one more chance.  Please. Just one more chance and you will see.  You won’t have any more problems with me.  I swear, Mom, Dad…I swear you guys.  I, I promise…


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