Policy, a short dramatic scene for two actors.  1 man and 1 woman.  Two young lovers get involved on the wrong side of the law, hoping to start a normal life.


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Carolina gets into her husband’s car.

Mark: How’d we do?

Carolina: We?

(she plops money on Mark’s lap)

Mark: What’s up?  Why the attitude?

Carolina: Just drive.

Mark: Tell me what’s up first.

Carolina: Drive!  And then I’ll tell you.

(Mark drives)

Mark: Tell me…

Carolina: He was rough with me.

Mark: …How rough is rough?

(Carolina shows Mark her shoulder)

Carolina: He got me on both shoulders.  It was just with his hands, when he was, you know…

Mark: Hands, just his hands??

Carolina: And a little bit of choking.

Mark: Choking? What??

Carolina: Just until I gasped and he released his hold.

Mark: I’m going back there.

Carolina: No don’t!

Mark: What?

Carolina: I said don’t!  Don’t! Please don’t…he said he would kill you if you go back.

Mark: Kill me?  How does he even know about me?

Carolina: I told him…in the beginning, when I first got there…he was real nice to me, I mean, really really nice to me and he offered me champagne.  When I drink champagne, it’s like a weakness…I know this about myself…I shouldn’t have had any but he was so nice…we got to talking and he asked me some questions, just during our conversation and I told him about you and what we’ve been doing and how we’ve just been married and how you were waiting for me…just outside.

Mark: You went against our policy.

Carolina: Who gives a damn about our policy, Mark?  The bastard choked me and bruised my arms and he smacked me a bunch of times!

Mark: I’m going back!!

Carolina: Stop!  You can’t! You can’t!  He showed me his gun and he said he will be aiming it at the front door to blow your head off if you even think about it.  So, honey, please, please don’t do it…for me…please darling…for me.

(Mark takes Carolina in his arms)

Mark: It’s alright now….it’s alright.  You’re gonna be okay.  You hear me?  You hear me, Carolina?

(Carolina moans out a yes)

I promise you, sweetie.  This will be behind us.  I have a plan.  A plan I’ve been thinking about, that I haven’t told you about just yet.  We have seven grand saved.  That’s not alot but it’s something.  Alright?  Seven grand gives us some breathing room.  Let’s go somewhere, anywhere and let’s change this whole thing around.

Carolina: Yes…I don’t want to let other men touch me no more…

Mark: Alright baby…we won’t…just you and me baby…just you and me.

Carolina: Mark?

Mark: Yeah, baby.

Carolina: I don’t hate you…


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