Pressing Point

DARREN:  If you were given six months to live, what would be the one thing you would want to do above everything else?  What is the one thing that comes to your mind that is the pressing point, the thing that matters most to you, that you would have to act on, before you go?

Now, ask yourself, why the damn hell aren’t you going out there and doing it?  Does it take the threat of death for you to remove all obstacles for you to take the plunge?  Everything that matters most for you in your life can be and should be dealt with as the ‘nothing is impossible’ mentality.  You follow me?  You have one single life, right now, the one that your existing with, to take action and do that thing you keep locked up inside your heart, waiting to be let out.  Don’t keep it in your heart, your mind or your soul my friend, take steps to see it through NOW because you and I both know it means the world to you…doesn’t it?

Don’t sit on your life, live your life.  LIVE-YOUR-LIFE.  Because tomorrow you can be gone and it will be too late and you would have missed your chance to give, to love, to apologize, to confess, to create, to contribute to whatever and that’s a tragedy because that piece of you could have been one more piece added to this beautiful world.  It’s your right, your duty and your responsibility to give that piece of yourself because it’s what God gave you, it’s the gift that God has blessed you with to make something worthwhile for everyone.

Please, please…please…give it all you got and then give more than that and than give more than that until you can’t give anymore and than give even more…you can do it because it’s already in you.  You are strong enough, smart enough, bold enough, courageous enough, passionate enough.  Every single day…GIVE and DO what you know you must, no matter how big or small, if it’s pressing itself on you and when you ask yourself the question, what is the one thing I would need to get done before I die…than THAT is the thing I challenge you to go and DO RIGHT NOW.

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