Proud Mom

Shannon watches her son in a Karate Tournament.  She cheers him on and freaks out when her son wins.  This character is over the top, obnoxious and LOUD.

(cheering her son on who is in battle with an opponent)

SHANNON: That’s right Tobey, HIT HIM!  Hit Him!  Hit HIM!  Kick, kick, kick, YEAH, kick, kick, kick, YEAH, YEAH!  Good, good, good, YEAH, YEAH, YEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

(to the people standing next to her in the crowd)

He knocked him down!   AHHHH!  He knocked him down!

(to her son)

That’s right!  That’s my son!  YEAH!   One more honey!  Knock him down one more time!

Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Kick him Tobey, kick him.  Kick that little son of a–YEAH!  Kick, kick, kick, kick.  YEAH!  YEAH TOBEY!!!  YEAH!!!!  Keep going!


(to the crowd)

He knocked him down again!!!  That kid is double my sons height.  My son is only five years old and that kid is like eight or ten.  He knocked the will right out of that kid boy.   My son is a white belt, okay?  A WHITE BELT.  That kid he just destroyed is a yellow belt.  How do you like that?!

My son is the next Bruce Lee.

(wiping her proud tears)

Look out!



(to her son)

YEAAAAAH!  YEAAAAHHH!  FIRST PLACE!!!!   You did great honey!  Wow, I can’t believe it.  You beat him up!  You gave it to him good!  YEAH!!!!

Joseph Arnone


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