Magic Man

In Magic Man, EVAN is about to give up being a magician for being constantly made fun of by children while performing his act.

Evan:  That’s it, I’m through doing this magic stuff, Elaine.  I can’t take it anymore.  Those kids do nothing but abuse me.  Instead of enjoying the magic they make fun of my nervous condition.  Now, I know I twitch and have this stupid swallow alot throat thing, (swallows three times) but give me a break.  They laugh at that!  Even the parents.  Today, I saw five adults standing on the deck, laughing at me.  They were only fifty feet away and I could hear them making comments.  One guy called me the Horse Whisperer because I make sounds like a horse.  (Makes horse sounds with his mouth)  I can’t help it.  I take medication, I see therapists, it’s my life.  I’m looked at like an idiot.


You know, all I ever wanted to do was magic.  It’s all I ever dreamed of doing in my life.  How can I possibly be good at it or enjoy it if I’m always getting teased.  People don’t see the magic, they see me, having a nervous disorder.


Wait a minute….what if I tried to make my condition part of my act?  Like, what if I created a character that had a nervous disorder?  Sort of like how Chaplin created his character.  Maybe I can make people laugh intentionally, instead of hiding the fact that I have a problem.  What about that idea?  It could work.

Joseph Arnone