Rain On Me

In this monologue, Cheryl shares with her boyfriend an experience she had that made her appreciate the smaller things in life with renewed energy.

Cheryl: You know what’s interesting? Something I noticed today that says a lot about humanity…I was coming out from the mall today and it was raining heavy outside. I look over to my right and I see this old man walking past me with this angry look on his face. You could just tell that the rain was really bothering him.

Then I looked over to my left and I saw a mother walking past me with her three year old son. I looked at this child and I saw the brightest round smile you could ever imagine. Looking at this kid made me smile.  I laughed out loud when I watched him jump into a puddle with his mother chasing after him.

Then I thought to myself what a difference the old man’s face was, in conjunction with the boy’s face. The little boy made me appreciate life more because of the rain.

We all seem to hate getting caught in the rain but what happened to that wonderful innocence? I realized how important it is to appreciate the fact that we are alive.

When I reached my car I stared up at the sky and let the rain wash over me…

It may sound silly but it’s those little things that we sometimes forget that can matter most.

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