Raising Gabriella

Mike comes home after a long day from work, only to have his daughter Gabriella placed in his arms as soon as he opens the door.  In this monologue, he complains to his wife Sheryl about how they need to be there more for eachother when it comes to raising their daughter.

MIKE: I’m tired of you dumping our baby on me all the time. I haven’t even taken two steps in our home.  (beat)  Let me at least settle in for a few minutes before putting Gabriella in my arms, okay?  I’ve had a long day, too.

You do this to me all the time and I hate how you get, like you can’t handle raising our daughter.  Is she that terrible?  (beat) I know it’s not easy but come on, let’s not get so overdramatic about things all the time.

If you’ve had a bad day with her, clue me in.  Give me a heads up so I know what I’m in for when I walk through the front door, you know?  Not every single day is going to be a perfect day, right?

We’re a team.  We’re supposed to be a team.

Joseph Arnone


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