Raising Gabriella

In Raising Gabriella, Mike comes home after a long day from work, only to have his daughter Gabriella placed in his arms as soon as he opens the door.   

MIKE: I’m tired of you dumping our baby on me all the time. I haven’t even taken two steps in our home.  (beat)  Let me at least settle in for a few minutes before putting Gabriella in my arms, okay?  I’ve had a long day, too.

You do this to me all the time and I hate how you get, like you can’t handle raising our daughter.  Is she that terrible?  (beat) I know it’s not easy but come on, let’s not get so overdramatic about things all the time.

If you’ve had a bad day with her, clue me in.  Give me a heads up so I know what I’m in for when I walk through the front door, you know?  Not every single day is going to be a perfect day, right?

We’re a team.  We’re supposed to be a team.

Joseph Arnone


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