Reach For The Stars

In this monologue, DENVER talks about hustle and not sitting on your passions wasting your life doing nothing to help you reach it.

DENVER: You have to go for it in life.  You have one life, this life and you have to give it everything you’ve got.  You don’t want to be that eighty or ninety year old man or woman that wishes they could have done more with their life or followed their dreams.  You have to live with passion!  Take the bull by the horns and go for it!  Don’t play it safe and live an okay life.  What is an okay life?  AVERAGE?  Is that what you want?  If it is, then fine.  If you are happy and content, then there’s nothing I can say to you, but if you have something inside of you gnawing at you and clawing at your insides, then you sure as shit better recognize those urges and get off your ass and take some action!

Every day is a day you can DO.  Every hour is an hour you can execute and make something happen for yourself in your life, for your family, for whomever.  Follow your passions and the rest will take care of itself.  I promise!

Joseph Arnone


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