Repeat After Me

In Repeat After Me, Arla is a much older sister than her younger brother, whom she talks to about always making her room a mess.

Arla: Fifty times a day.  It’s all I do!  Repeat, repeat, repeat!  You think once you would get it through your head Jeremy.  Just once!  I know we live in a small house, okay?  I get that.  Which is why I let you play in my room.  Which is why I don’t mind you messing up my things.  But I just want you to have enough some consideration to put things back.  Can’t you do that for me?  Please?

Don’t look at me like that, with those big brown puppy dog eyes.  They won’t work.  Don’t you know I rather you hang out in my room like you do instead of going outside where it’s not safe in the front yard?  I love you like crazy but you need to listen to your older sister.

(looking around her room)

My bed is unmade, like you were jumping up and down on it and I told you not to do that.  All the items on my desk, my candles, my pens and pencils, my jewelry box, all knocked over…I mean really, if you want to mess up everything, FINE, I’m not even mad about that.  All I am asking of you is to clean up afterwards.  Don’t leave a mess!

In fact, I’m not asking you anymore Jeremy, I’m telling you.  If you don’t respect my space than I am putting locks on the doors and I won’t allow you to play in my room anymore.

Get it?

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