Resin is a short drama scene.  SELENA complains to her boyfriend JAMES about always smoking up their stash without her.  1 woman, 1 man.  Drama.

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Selena: Wanna smoke up, baby?

James: Oh hell yeah. Get that shit.

(Selena pulls out the bag but then looks at it inquisitively)

Selena:  Dude.  Are you serious?

James: What’s up?

Selena: Where’s all the weed?

James: It’s right there…what?

Selena: Are you freakin kidding me? Dude you smoked like more than half our stash.

James: No I didn’t, there’s a ton left. Let me see.

(James holds bag of weed up and inspects)

Dude, there’s plenty.

Selena: Yeah but, there should be a shit load more, James.

James: It’s cool. I’ll hit Josh up and get more for us.

Selena: Come on, man.

James: What’s your problem?

Selena: You always do this.

James: I’ll put the order in and we can smoke up while we wait for it and we can maintain our high. Nothing to worry about.

Selena: But you lied to me. You told me you didn’t touch it.

James: I didn’t. You asked me like three days ago but I only smoked some today.

Selena: How did you smoke today when we’ve been together all day?

James: In the morning.

Selena: Wow, you couldn’t wait for me?

James: I didn’t want to wake you up and I had a strong urge so—

Selena: So selfish. You promised me you wouldn’t smoke without me. You said you’d wait for me.

James: It’s the same day and I’ll buy more. Why are you making an issue? It’s Sunday, I just want to have a chilled out day with you.

Selena: …Idiot…

James: I hate when you do that. You always have to make something a big deal and start in with the name calling crap.

Selena: Well you’re a real idiot.

James: You know what? Now I’m not ordering more shit for us.

Selena: Good!

James: Good!

Selena: You’d smoke it all anyway!

James: I always share!

Selena: You’re a hog. You take the greediest hits. You inhale like it’s your last freaking hit.

James: Aren’t I allowed to enjoy it? You’re gonna tell me how I should inhale now?

Selena: Well, to be honest, when you pass back, it’s already kicked. All I end up hittin’ is ash.

James: That’s not true, you’re such a bullshit artist.

Selena: You leave me with resin. You’re bullshit.

James: You can still get high off that.

Selena: Why should I settle for that when we both bought fresh greenery?

James: So you take the first hit from now on, man. Damn. You want to argue about that now, too?

Selena: I see how you are and am pointing it out.

James: Whatever, Sele.

Selena: Whatever, whatever.

James: Whatever kiss my ass with your whatever!


You want me to phone Josh or what?

Selena: If you want. I’m not gonna tell the king what to do anymore.

(James calls Josh – into cellphone)

James: Yo. Whattup, man? Yeah dude, daddy’s hungry. Yeah. Same as before. Uh-huh. Yep.

(hangs up)

There! You happy?! I’ll pay. (beat) Can we smoke up now and get trashed and (lowers his voice)…enjoy our time together?

Selena: Maybe.

James: I’ll pack a first hit for my Princess.

Selena: …Okay.

(James kisses Selena)


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