In the monologue Return, FRED comes back home after disappearing for a few days. He sits down at the kitchen table with his wife and this is what he says…

FRED:  It’s kind of hard to explain to you where I’ve been…I was angry for a while, a slow build up over the course of many years…it got to a point where I had to confront the big man, tell him how I felt, told him how angry I’ve been, how tormented and I demanded an answer.

I got one.

The answer I received, changed me.  It’s something private.  An insight into things, into myself…a clarity, an understanding, you see?

There is something out there, Lena.  I’ve come into full contact with it.  It is real and it exists.  There is good and there is evil.  Trust me when I say that…I’ve encountered both by touch. A reminder.

I’m able to do things better now.  Not like before, well, like before but before the disconnect happened…there was me and then the light went out and now there is me again.  I’ve been reconnected with my being, if that makes sense to you.

I hope that it does, Lena.  I barely have my own head wrapped around it but I feel it.

I know I’ve been gone…but…I’m back.

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