Robot Run Z

Robot Run Z is a Sci-fi drama script.  STAN has slipped out from the ‘bot’ he must answer to in his home known as the CONGRIDOR to meet with RICHARD.  2 men.

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Robot Run Z

Both men are dressed in what appears to be a one piece patient gown. The gown is in tatters.  The men are extremely unkempt physically and beside themselves mentally.

They slowly construct a plan to regain their freedom.

Stan:  I cannot do this anymore.  I cannot be tied down to it anymore.  I cannot believe we let this happen.  It’s a matter of getting through this thing. (beat)  We must replace it, make it seem like it is still operating on all cylinders…like, put it into a lucid mode.

Richard: We know this, we know this already, don’t we?!  Excuse me for being a little rash…there’s not much time.  (also meaning his mental strain)  Here are the plans.

(he pulls out a folded piece of paper, handing it to Stan)

Read them over in detail.  Every word.  Study them through and through.  I’ve gone over them a thousand times.  I think I’ve finally figured out how to replace the tulopisms without the Congridor noticing anything.  You must be thorough and you must be quick.  Keep it out of view at all times.

Stan: How is your daughter, Annie?  Is her leg healing?

Richard: They came yesterday to check on her.  She’s healing okay. No infection but something tells me they will take her soon.

Stan: Why do you say that if she’s healing?

Richard: I think they need more.

Stan: More?

Richard: Yes!  I think the explosion we heard last month had something to do with it.  I think they are recruiting more children.

Richard: Jesus, Stan I hope you’re wrong.

Stan: There’s no time for hoping, Rich.  I’m almost certain they will take the kids as soon as Annie can walk again.

Richard: Damn it, these bastards!

Stan: Study the drawings.  Memorize them.  Master it to memory.  Do not trace it but study it all.  Then burn it.

Richard: They will detect it if I burn.

Stan: You’re right.  What was I thinking?  Bury it.  Rip it to shreds and bury the whole damn thing.

Richard:  They know the grounds, too.  You’re forgetting everything is monitored.  I will have to eat it in pieces over a few days.  This way it won’t be detectable in my stool

Stan: I’m sorry but this is our best shot.

Richard: I know.

Stan: We will meet again in exactly seventy-two hours.  Mark it.

Richard: It’s marked.

Stan: I will explain next steps then.

Richard: Okay.

(Both men walk away from one another quickly)


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