In RRRR!, a frustrated RUTH enters her bedroom exclaiming her anger towards her parents for not letting her date the guy she likes.

(room is lit as COLD BLUE)

(sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle roars by.  A distant drip from a faucet 1 second apart per drip.)

(16 seconds of dripping water sound)

(four footsteps, increasing in volume and closeness—before the fifth step, a quick shuffle of the body slowing down to turn handle of door—door bursts open, followed by RUTH’S entrance, followed by her slamming the door)

(room changes color on door slam to bright yellow – HARD)

RUTH: RRRRRRRR!!!!  (she throws her hand bag) RRRR!!! (she picks her hand bag up from the floor—takes out cellphone—makes call) …KAY!  Kay, it’s me.  Can you, can you talk?? (beat) They won’t let me date him! (half beat) Yeah! They won’t let me go out—because they’re selfish losers, that’s—they found out from my sister…Yeah, her big fat mouth as usual, always—I’m gonna punch her in the face when—RRRRR!!!!! I can’t! (sighs) What am I going to tell him? (beat) How am I going to explain this to him Kay?? (imitating a dumb version of herself) “I can’t date you cause your black.”  (mockingly) Is that what I should say?  (half beat) I can’t tell him that, I can’t tell him the truth; can’t tell him that my father will kill him and beat my ass cause he’s an uneducated racist—my mother goes along with it cause, I mean, God forbid she ever sticks up for me for once—(sighs) (beat) (moans) I can’t Kay…I hate them all—so alone…they can’t just let me be me, support my choices; IT’S MY LIFE!—Always criticizing me and talking shit—MYSISTERTHERAT—it’s why she gets everything because she brown noses them so bad—spoiled little twerp! (clenching fists) RRRR!!! (pause.) I don’t know what to do.

Joseph Arnone


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